Thursday, February 15, 2007


This is taken from a blog I recently discovered - NesaScraps:

am: home from work AGAIN with a sick child
want: to do more for myself
have: guilt over not getting stuff done around the nouse
wish: I could find time to scrapbook everyday
hate: arguing with my kids
don't: have much self-confidence, although I cover that fact well
can't: control my anger sometimes
need: an hour to myself to unwind or recharge just before dinnertime
hear: the television
wonder: what is possible with even a little bit of effort
believe: anything is possible
regret: a decision I made when I was younger
am not: the best NOR the worst mom in the world
dance: pretty well
sing: well, at least I think so
cry: at practically everything lately
am not always: nice
make with my hands: stuff for other people
write: not nearly enough
confuse: doing things for me with being selfish
should: believe in myself more (yeah!)
start: a lot of projects
finish: not much