Thursday, July 26, 2012

I didn't wear his rank or his uniform. I didn't stand duty or deploy. I didn't attend schools and seminars or check into a new command every few years. I didn't study endless hours for an advancement exam or put myself in the line of fire to defend our country. What I did, however, was stand beside him through all the years he served. I took care of his house and his children. I smiled proudly when he received an award, and cried silently when he was passed over for one much deserved. I attended meetings, ceremonies, fund raisers, and many birthday balls. I shoveled snow, cut grass, fixed leaky faucets, read bedtime stories, wiped away tears and kissed boo boos in his absence. Like him, to his family and his country, I remained loyal, steadfast and true. I wear no insignia upon my chest or collar, nor stripes upon my arm showing the number of years I have 'served.' But - I have also served. Proudly.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

I'll get by with a little help from...

Me! If you know me in real life, you know that I do not like to ask for help. Ever. According to my baby book, "I do it mommy!" was my first sentence. I believe it.

I have changed light fixtures in my house. By myself. I have painted rooms and ceilings. By myself. I have cut down trees and moved big rocks. By myself. Get the picture? Now sometimes I enjoy my chore solitude; sometimes not. But that doesn't make me pick up that phone and call someone to come to my aide. Not even when I put up a new ceiling fan/light in the kitchen and it didn't have power. Randy called my dad - for help. ;)

I do take pride in the fact that I don't *need* anyone to help me. I may take me hours longer, make me throw things and generally act like a two year old having a tantrum, but I will

I really think I need to get over this. I'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with being a military spouse and being the only adult here most of the time. But I think I also have to admit that it's bred into me. Just ask me about my mom's do-it-herself projects: The painted "everything" - as kids we swore if we stood still long enough, mom would paint us. The sanded dining room table - it was scratched so she wanted to refinish it - it was formica. The oxidized paint on my aunt's VW beetle - my mom and her two sisters painted it with Rustoleum paint and rollers.

So now I'm putting the curtain rod brackets back up after the window replacement. I'm too short and short on patience. But I will do it. By myself.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just F*cking Do It!

(a book written by Denise R. Copyright 2011)
This book is dedicated to Kathleen and Shelby, without whom I would have more brain cells. Love, mommy.

The days are so short and I’m not a magician
To get everything done into the time it must fit.
So I ask for one favor from you, my dear child.
Don’t talk back - just fucking do it.

Children everywhere, across the span of this great land
Are so lazy and on their asses they sit.
But we parents are busy, we really need help -
Get up, shut up and just fucking do it.

Oh we hear that you’re tired, from school or from play
How exhausted you must be, but this mess is YOUR shit!
I’m telling you, no, I don’t have to say please!
Quit your stalling, stop the bitching and DO IT!

Why is it that I only have to look in your direction
And you start rolling your eyes and pitching a fit?
When we even agree you stomp off to your room
As I scream down the hall - just fucking do it!!!!

We’re so alike; we’re both procrastinators
Our favorite phrase is “In a minute!”
But I want what I want when I want it
Get off your ass, right now, and fucking do it!

It’s sweet that you’re so close to your daddy.
When he’s home all the fun just doesn’t quit.
But I can’t stand that when HE starts to do something
You smile and say “Relax Dad, I’ll do it!”

Monday, May 16, 2011

A little yarn therapy

I haven't knit in months. Not a stitch of crocheting has passed my fingertips in years. But yesterday I succumbed to the temptation posted here and started to crochet that beautiful shawl.

It's a fast project and I'm already about a third done. Love visible visible progress...I am not a patient person.

So on this dreary, :::cold:::, rainy Monday I have spent most of my day off crocheting away while occasionally loading and unloading the dishwasher and making it at least 'look' like I've done something around here.

At bedtime I'll be disappointed with my housekeeping skills, but thrilled with my crafty skills. Works for me.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Well, a little late on this one too... Nothing new to report on the ORT/Tusal front. I'm still knitting away on my Peakes Island Hoodie (and still haven't taken a picture of it).

Thursday, March 03, 2011

March-ing on!

We are now three months into 2011 and I just don't know where the time has gone! I joke to everyone that I don't even remember January, but I'm not joking. It's been an exhausting year so far but sitting here looking out my dining room window, I can forget how cold it is and see the beautiful sun shining.

I've been very busy being a mom and all that entails, plus some that until a few days ago I hadn't been able to wrap my head around the fact that in three months I should be moving! There is so much to do and that mental list runs on a constant loop through my brain. I should write everything down to release it all from my thoughts, but I'm afraid to see it in black and white!!

Besides worrying, I've been doing a little knitting, working on this. I'm using Woobu in a beautiful blue and am almost done. I've put myself on a yarn diet, not needing to buy any more for a long while! I shudder to think of how many boxes of yarn I'll be moving to VA. haha. Still, if I had had the time on Monday while in New York City, I would've run, not walked, to Purl SoHo for some merino and stainless steel yarn to make a Kusha Kusha scarf.

So I'll be back tomorrow with a TUSAL post and maybe some pics of my almost-done hood. Until then, back to cleaning, and checking some things off that mental list...

Saturday, February 05, 2011

I'm back...and TUSAL (finally!)

I cannot believe I haven't posted since November. Well, really I can since it's been a crazy couple of months around here, but that's for another post. I'm here now because I've joined a little group and wanted (needed!) to share. It's called TUSAL for "Totally Useless Stitch-a-long" and each month we all save our little bits and pieces of yarn and thread from our craft projects and post our 'progress.' For me, it's something to keep me accountable for being creative. Not working so far, but I've only missed one month and am on track now. (If you count being a day late as being 'on track')
So here's my picture. It's filled with yarn bits from two projects - one finished (a baby sweater) and one still in progress (a scarf) and a promise for 2011 to post more of my knitting projects!