Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer '08 Knitting Goals Contest

I found this on Sherilyn's blog and decided to join in. It originates here at Ali's blog Skeins Her Way (can't wait to go back and read it). I have a bit of yarn lying around (yeah, a "bit" - shhhh, there's more in the bedroom) and I want to use it before buying more. I have my eye on FlatFeet Sock Yarn - so cool! - and cannot wait to buy some. It's $25 per flat. For me, that's a little pricey. Yeah, I know it's great yarn but in the end it's $25 for a PAIR of socks. But I love to knit socks and the cost is as much for the fun of knitting as it is for great yarn. However, I already have some sock yarn waiting to be used first.

So, my knitting goals for Summer '08 are:
1. knit all my sock yarn into actual SOCKS before summer is over.
2. finish a pullover I started last spring with beautiful bamboo yarn, sorry, no pictures...yet.

Back to socks. One reason I love knitting socks is their portability. One ball of yarn, short needles, thrown into a purse or bag and off ya go. While waiting for an appointment, for the kids at school or practice, or sitting on a friend's couch knitting pleasantly passes the time for me.

So let's see what I can accomplish this summer. We have a road trip planned to SC for late July so that should help some. I was thinking I could knit while on the beach there but, no, as talented as I am ::::cough cough:::: I don't think I can knit AND hold a frozen drink at the same time. Perhaps I can tip the cabana boy extra to stand there and hold it for me. The drink, that is...shame on you!