Saturday, July 24, 2010

What I learned on my summer vacation...

I know, it's supposed to be what I 'did' on my summer vacation. But this summer has taught me a few things so far and I wanted to share them. So here goes...

~ The first person to pack for vacation gets the biggest suitcase. And it wasn't me.

~ People who drive a constant 50 MPH in the fast lane should not be allowed to drive on the interstate.

~ Put two daughters in a car with one mom for hours on end and you are bound to want to drive off the road every mile or so.

~ Living out of suitcases in your trunk for two weeks can test anyone's patience and organizations skills - both of which I don't usually have but acquired at the most inopportune time.

~ Head beers (aka keg-stands) by grown adults are usually laughable but when done successfully, are admirable.

~ You can't drink ALL DAY if you don't start in the morning.

~ Hearing someone announce "I sang with the band!" the next morning means you all had a great time last night.

~ Don't even attempt to stay overnight at a hotel with a 'heated' pool and non-working hot tub. You will regret it.

~ Many, many years after the first time, I still cannot ride a horse.

~ You can feel like family with people who have no blood relation to you and you can feel like you've never been apart with family you don't see often enough.

~ Eating 'bar food' is perfectly healthy if everyone else is eating it too.

~ Sending your child to the bar to get cheese curds and a kiddie cocktail by herself is not considered irresponsible at the campground.

~ Leaving your 17 year old at the bar by herself to stay on the internet ALSO is not considered irresponsible at the campground.

~ A 'girl's only' trip can be a way to bond with your daughters one minute and know why some animals eat their young the next.

And finally...I can be the sole responsible adult and driver on a trip a third of the way across the country and make it there and back safely! Yeay me!