Saturday, May 06, 2006

a day without kids (or) the sweetest thing

Today Randy and I had the luxury of being able to spend time together without the girls. Kathleen is at her dad's and Shelby is at Girl Scout Camporee. WooHoo! We did have a 'night without kids' last night and celebrated a bit too long into the early morn, so we got off a slow start this morning. But once we were up and about the day was ours!

Since I was the one who felt a little better than the other, I had the privilege of driving the car and therefore the power of deciding where we went. I wanted to go to the factory outlets and look around a bit. On the way, I remembered that a friend told me about a scrapbooking store in Old Saybrook ( and since it was National Scrapbooking Day (and I was driving - remember: power) I wanted to stop there.

Now get this - I have been scrapbooking for 9 years -and have never been in a scrapbooking store. Okay, other than Michael's or AC Moore, but they don't really count. Let's just say I was in there for quite a while. I think I looked at every single piece of paper and sticker they had to offer. Looked. I did not but every single one, but a select few. :)

Randy was quite aggreeable through this scrapbook store browsing and actually seemed to enjoy it once or twice. He did go out into the car while I did the make-and-takes, but not because he was bored, he said. I believed him. (Remember, we went out last night? He was still a bit green.) So anyway, I shopped, he 'rested' and we both were happy.

We left and moved onto the outlet stores and then to Outback for dinner. It was while we were waiting for our food that he said the sweetest thing. He said that it was nice to spend time with me in a place that was my interest and my passion. That I'm always going to motorcycle dealerships and shops with him and that he was happy to be with me somewhere that I wanted to be. He said it was 'cool' to see me look at everything and be so excited about it.

Okay, I'm a sap. Very emotional doesn't even begin to describe me. When he was done with his little 'testimonial' to our afternoon, I had tears in my eyes. We had a wonderful day, a nice dinner, and some time together that was long overdue and much needed. And - I got some new paper too! Happy National Scrapbooking Day to me!

we clean up good

A couple of weeks ago Randy and I attended our base's Navy Submarine Birthday Ball. It's basically when a bunch of submariners get together to boast, toast, and see who has the most (medals and ribbons, that is). Oh, and we wives get to go along too.

I got to buy a new dress, get my nails done and walk around all night with pinched pinky-toes. Although I wasn't too happy with the size dress I had to buy, I did love it, and have decided that red is my new favorite color to wear.

So here are a couple pictures to commemorate the occasion. We were like royalty before the paparazzi with our friends Chad and Tara while everyone's camera got a turn.

We had a great time at the ball, but an even better time later at a local bar where I kicked off my shoes, danced barefoot (ewwww!) and we got free drinks for being the best-dressed. Just proves that although we clean up good, you can dress us up but ya just can't take us anywhere...