Monday, June 08, 2009

An (un)creative moment in time

I am a creative person. I not only 'like' to create, but I NEED to. It keeps me sane, relaxed and happy. If I do not take the time to knit, paint, scrapbook - anything creative, I get tense. And grumpy.

Well, lately I am feeling very grumpy. And one reason I am grumpy is it's all my fault - nobody keeps me from being creative, it's all me.

I just don't take the time to do those things. I feel I need to have my 'work' done before I can 'play.' Therefore I have paintings half-finished, baskets of yarn waiting to be made into socks and scarves, and tons (literally, TONS) of pictures to be put into scrapbooks.

Now, you may think: "Denise, the time you are wasting on the computer blogging about being un-creative could be better spent being...uh...creative!" Yeah, well, I know that. I really do.

So I am making the commitment to blog weekly about something I have created. A half-knit sock, a few pages scrapped, a brush stroke here and there. Promise.

Stay tuned. And please feel free to send an email or comment 'kick in the ass' to keep me focused.