Saturday, March 11, 2006


Well, my husband is finally home.
Six months and one week have passed (but, who's counting?) and Randy came home via submarine on Wednesday, March 8. I have to admit I really didn't get 'excited' until I saw the sub coming near the river. The past week was full of homecoming preparation (i.e. house cleaning!!), exhaustion, and anticipation. I will be the first to admit that I get stressed over the smallest of things and getting ready for homecoming is no small thing! But, it's over and I am feeling so much better.

The girls and I went to the end of the river to watch for the sub. It was a beautiful day here in SE CT - not the frigid temps we had just a week ago. We watched until the sub passed us and then scrambled to the car to go to the base. I tell you, seeing the sub come near the pier was as exciting as it ever is. Each time is like the first time. The girls were looking at me like I was a crazy woman, jumping up and down.

After what seemed like an eternity the sub was tied up and they started coming off and onto the pier. Randy's friends were gathered around me and were almost as excited as I was. I had almost forgotten what he looked like and all those submariners looked the same in their uniforms!
Finally, he was walking towards us, arms open, roses in hand and a huge smile on his face! We hugged for what seemed like forever (six months of forever!), and then I turned him over to the girls and his friends.

It's wonderful having him home, and we are adjusting well. I am so independent and sooooo unused to having someone 'check' on me that it is definitely different. :)

So, let the new phase of our military life begin. He is soon to be on shore duty for three years. We're going from him not hardly being home to being home almost every day. Right now that sounds so exciting and great.....check with me in about a year.... :)

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