Saturday, May 06, 2006

we clean up good

A couple of weeks ago Randy and I attended our base's Navy Submarine Birthday Ball. It's basically when a bunch of submariners get together to boast, toast, and see who has the most (medals and ribbons, that is). Oh, and we wives get to go along too.

I got to buy a new dress, get my nails done and walk around all night with pinched pinky-toes. Although I wasn't too happy with the size dress I had to buy, I did love it, and have decided that red is my new favorite color to wear.

So here are a couple pictures to commemorate the occasion. We were like royalty before the paparazzi with our friends Chad and Tara while everyone's camera got a turn.

We had a great time at the ball, but an even better time later at a local bar where I kicked off my shoes, danced barefoot (ewwww!) and we got free drinks for being the best-dressed. Just proves that although we clean up good, you can dress us up but ya just can't take us anywhere...

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