Monday, June 12, 2006

a productive day...sort of

Tonight I am tired. Looking around here I don't know why. There are still some groceries to be put away from yesterday; some - okay, who am I kidding - LOTS of laundry to be folded and put away; mail to go through - and that's what I can see just from my computer chair, we won't go into upstairs (not that you could go upstairs past all the stuff on the stairs!!).

But I do feel like I accomplished things today. First of all, I got up and went to Curves at 6 a.m. BIG accomplishment in my book. If nothing else got done after that I wouldn't care, well maybe a little, but any exercising on my part is a big thing. Anyway, then I finally finished putting the lights on the new umbrella, cleaned off the back patio, put the excess chairs away. (Why we have so many patio chairs, I don't know. We always sit at neighbors' houses rather than ours since we are on the corner, further away from everyone.)

For quite a while this afternoon I sat in front of one neighbor's house watching the kids play and just veggin' out while the sun played peek-a-boo with us. Much more satisfying at the time than patio cleaning, or ::gulp:: house-cleaning.

After some much-needed essentials shopping for the girls (i.e. jammies, bras and undies. They'd die if they read this!), and a bit of sitting at dh's softball game (even though Randy is in Norfolk, VA this week) I came home and washed all the bird doo off my car, watered and fertilized the flowers, watered and seeded the lawn, cooked dinner - okay, it was a Schwans mexican pizza thrown in the oven, but it was delicious! - I can sit down and remember what I have done today and observe all that I haven't done.

Oh, and don't even mention what I could be doing if I weren't on the computer reading and posting blogs...that's not fair and are reading rather than doing what? :)

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