Sunday, September 17, 2006


Another Scrapshare blog challenge from Stacy.

1. Open your purse/wallet/briefcase/diaper bag.
2. Inventory the contents.
3. Pick one item from your inventory list and expand on it. Why do you have it? Where did it come from? What special meaning does it have? Is there a funny/interesting story attached? Choose something that will tell the reader a little about you, whether it's serious, funny or unremarkable ()- or if you're writing for yourself, choose something that will remind an older you of who the younger you was.
4. Add photos if you'd like to.
Go - inventory your contents!

This is my 'summer' purse. For this summer, anyway. I always seem to find a new one in Kohls each year - they have such cute ones!
Here's the contents minus the inch-thick stack of receipts I threw away yesterday.
~ wallet. don't know what's in here since everything that should be in there is out
~ four lipsticks. all about the same shade
~ one Burt's Bees Lifeguard's Choice lip balm. my lips got sunburned this summer-not fun
~ Honey & Shea lip balm
~ reminder cards for dentist and neurologist appointments ~ Imitrex migraine nasal spray medicine
~ cell phone. turned on - wonder why it always goes dead when I'm out somewhere?
~ about $2.60 in change. again - not in wallet
~ "swiss army" tool. this has just about anything you would need in it. haven't used it yet
~ patch from a fireman we met on vacation. have to get one from my brother who is a fireman on the submarine base to trade.
~ hole punch ???
~ nail cuticle oil
~ business card from vet
~ Big Y (grocery store) coins
~ package of new alphabet brads
~ license, military ID, two debit cards, an empty Wal-Mart card, three gift cards, two ATM cards, one credit card, wallet-sized cosmetology license, beauty store ID card

I really don't know which item to pick and elaborate on. I don't think there's anything remarkable about any of them. Maybe this will do: newest item? vet business card (dog on front looks like our new puppy); oldest item? wallet; most valuable? military ID (would HATE to lose this); least used? wallet (you can see nothing makes it back into it!) and 'swiss' tool (never used, but ya never know when you might need something...).

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