Friday, July 11, 2008

Five-star knitting

This is my latest sock project. My goal this summer is to knit all my sock yarn (so I can buy more!). In the (read: my) world of sock knitting there are varying degrees of difficulty: multiple needles, one circular needle, stockinette stitch, patterns, thick yarn, thin yarn, etc.

Although some may look at these socks as no big deal for them, they are my "Five-star highest degree of difficulty" yet socks. The yarn is 'Magic Stripes' which (duh) 'magically makes stripes' as you knit. The higher degree of difficulty here is that I have made the stripes MATCH for both socks. Also, they are knitted from the toe-up, rather than cuff-down; they have a short-row heel (not a skill I have mastered), rather than a gussetted heel; and they are both knitted on one circular needle at the same time. WooHoo for me!

If you don't knit this may all sound quite foreign to you and you just may well be saying big deal. Well, the approval-seeking side of me just wanted to let you all know that for me, it is.

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Shari said...

I've never learned to knit. Love those socks. You are very talented!