Tuesday, January 27, 2009

'Twas the night before...

...my new job and what else is new?
The girls still aren't sleeping and I'm about through.

Some laundry is drying, the rest folded with care;
So tomorrow I won't be wonderin' what to wear.

No money has come in yet but some has gone out;
It costs some to make some, my husband's found out!

I bought some new pants and new shoes for my feet.
A thermos for soup, and some good snacks to eat;

Right now I'm exhausted, but I can't close my eyes;
There's no more sleeping in, so early I must rise.

I've dreaded this day; staying at home's a good fit;
I enjoy being home; I scrapbook and I knit!

But good things, they say, must come to an end;
I'll contribute in a new way; to the bills I will tend!

So I should be excited, I'm starting a new phase;
I'll have a new 'purpose,' and a "real job" that PAYS!


Karen said...

Congrats on the new job! What 'cha doing...saving the world? BTW...LOVE the adaptation! Miss you!

Lisa said...

Love it! I am sure your first day went well.I look forward to hearing all about it. I think you,me and Tara need to go out and celebrate working moms.