Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Shelby!

Today is my baby's 11th birthday. I know, not so much a baby anymore so I guess I shouldn't refer to her as one. But as all moms know, it's hard to give up on that idea of the youngest being the baby and in my heart she will always be "my baby". (I'll stop now as I am beginning to sound like the old mother in the book "Love You Forever" - you know, the one where she climbs into her grown son's bedroom and rocks him to sleep?? yeah.)

So, as I come to grips with the fact that my 11 year old can stand next to me and look me evenly in the eye, wears a larger shoe size than me and can probably take me out with one swing if she is so inclined, let me wish her a very happy birthday.

Shelby, I hope that your eleventh year is the best one yet!! I love you!
Love, Mommy

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Karen said...

I can sooo relate! My baby will be 12 soon and yes, they'll always be the baby. BTW...I'm very tempted to be that mom in the book you're talking about. Sometimes when I haven't seen my grown son, I wanna snuggle him too! mom's are pathetic!

Your daughter is beautiful and wears glasses just like mine!