Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just F*cking Do It!

(a book written by Denise R. Copyright 2011)
This book is dedicated to Kathleen and Shelby, without whom I would have more brain cells. Love, mommy.

The days are so short and I’m not a magician
To get everything done into the time it must fit.
So I ask for one favor from you, my dear child.
Don’t talk back - just fucking do it.

Children everywhere, across the span of this great land
Are so lazy and on their asses they sit.
But we parents are busy, we really need help -
Get up, shut up and just fucking do it.

Oh we hear that you’re tired, from school or from play
How exhausted you must be, but this mess is YOUR shit!
I’m telling you, no, I don’t have to say please!
Quit your stalling, stop the bitching and DO IT!

Why is it that I only have to look in your direction
And you start rolling your eyes and pitching a fit?
When we even agree you stomp off to your room
As I scream down the hall - just fucking do it!!!!

We’re so alike; we’re both procrastinators
Our favorite phrase is “In a minute!”
But I want what I want when I want it
Get off your ass, right now, and fucking do it!

It’s sweet that you’re so close to your daddy.
When he’s home all the fun just doesn’t quit.
But I can’t stand that when HE starts to do something
You smile and say “Relax Dad, I’ll do it!”

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Life with teenagers -- aggravating, yet rewarding...