Thursday, July 26, 2012

I didn't wear his rank or his uniform. I didn't stand duty or deploy. I didn't attend schools and seminars or check into a new command every few years. I didn't study endless hours for an advancement exam or put myself in the line of fire to defend our country. What I did, however, was stand beside him through all the years he served. I took care of his house and his children. I smiled proudly when he received an award, and cried silently when he was passed over for one much deserved. I attended meetings, ceremonies, fund raisers, and many birthday balls. I shoveled snow, cut grass, fixed leaky faucets, read bedtime stories, wiped away tears and kissed boo boos in his absence. Like him, to his family and his country, I remained loyal, steadfast and true. I wear no insignia upon my chest or collar, nor stripes upon my arm showing the number of years I have 'served.' But - I have also served. Proudly.

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