Sunday, April 23, 2006

four traveling yankees

Okay, three yankees and one redneck - hahaha! This week was Spring Break for our area and we had the great idea to travel to VA to Busch Gardens (dh and kids' idea) and Colonial Williamsburg (my idea). After 13 hours in the car for what should've been a 9 hour trip we arrived to a warmer climate...ahhh...

We spent Tuesday at Busch Gardens (free admission!) and the girls loved it. I took lots of pictures - mostly of the beautiful gardens. The girls couldn't wait to get back to the motel to go swimming in the pool, though.

On Wednesday we 'forced' them to go to Colonial Williamsburg. Randy and I had a great time while they complained about how tired they were of walking and repeated "can we go back to the motel and go in the pool?" about every tenth step. Besides that, it was beautiful there and the weather was wonderful. Oh - more pictures of gardens - I love tulips.

Another painstakingly long trip home in traffic and we watched the car thermometer go from 92 in New Jersey to 63 at home in Connecticut. We live in the tundra up here! :) So after being gone four days out of break I really don't feel like I had any time off and it's back to work tomorrow...ugh. Bright side - only 30 more days of school til Summer Break! - but who's counting...?

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