Thursday, March 13, 2008

ScrapShare by the Sea 2008

This past weekend I spent three days in Portsmouth, NH with my internet friends scrapbooking and having a wonderful time. I got to see a few women I had already met at a previous retreat, and meet a few I had only met online. It was great to get away and get some pages done, as well (51 pages woohoo!).

As much as I am proud to have done so many pages, it was also great to see a few friends again and meet a few in real life. My table buddies Karen (Sterling Scrapper) and Pamela (Pamela in MA) had a great dinner at Warren's and had fun all weekend (although they may never drive with me again!). My 'wicked' roomies Lynn (Scrapping in Windsor) and Tanya were at the other end of our crazy table as well as Lisa (LisaRoo) and Liz (Liz in VT). Meeting Theresa (Miss CMC) was a highlight of my weekend. Her Hurricane Katrina album documented her family's experiences throughout the storm and after. It brought tears to my eyes and I am humbled by her courage and resilience.

I enjoyed the entire weekend and am thankful for my 'internet axe-murderer' friends!


agent713 said...

51 pages?! Good for you! Sounds like a fun group :)

Karen said...

I had a blast and meeting you was definitely one of the highlights! Don't worry, I'll get in a car again with you. You're a blast!