Monday, March 24, 2008

What goes up, must come down...

Those words have a few meanings for me today. On Thursday night (3/20) I had a dream that wherever I had to go, I had to take an elevator. Up. Down. Up. Down. Now I am not particularly fond of elevators, so this dream stuck with me.

Fast forward to Friday. After seeing the doctor at the Naval Subase Hospital, Kathleen was referred to Yale-New Haven Hospital with a diagnosis of Type 1 (insulin dependent) diabetes. She had been having symptoms for a while now - excessive thirst, frequent urination, weight loss, dry skin, extreme hunger) and I finally would not take no for an answer when I asked to have her blood tested. On Friday her fasting glucose level was 295 before we went to Yale. Over the weekend she spiked at 360 once and had a low of just 212 (normal range is 70 - 120).

We stayed at Yale until Sunday afternoon. During those two days the nurses monitored Kathleen's blood glucose levels, changed her insulin doses accordingly, and threw a bunch of information at us (over and over again!) It was scary and overwhelming at times, but Yale was the best place for us to be. Kathleen was great about all this. She checked her own blood sugar and the nurses or I gave her the insulin shots. I started figuring out how to count carbs and order her food according to the plan. Goodbye take-out, hello cooking at least until I get the hang of that!

So, back to the dream (the elevator, remember?). Kathleen's room was on the 7th floor so of course, I spent a lot of time in the elevator...up. down. up. down. Her blood sugar levels all weekend...up. down. up. down. Crazy, isn't it? Adds a whole new meaning to the phrase: what goes up, must come down. From our lips to God's ears...

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