Saturday, February 05, 2011

I'm back...and TUSAL (finally!)

I cannot believe I haven't posted since November. Well, really I can since it's been a crazy couple of months around here, but that's for another post. I'm here now because I've joined a little group and wanted (needed!) to share. It's called TUSAL for "Totally Useless Stitch-a-long" and each month we all save our little bits and pieces of yarn and thread from our craft projects and post our 'progress.' For me, it's something to keep me accountable for being creative. Not working so far, but I've only missed one month and am on track now. (If you count being a day late as being 'on track')
So here's my picture. It's filled with yarn bits from two projects - one finished (a baby sweater) and one still in progress (a scarf) and a promise for 2011 to post more of my knitting projects!

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Daffycat said...

Oooo "BIG" ORTs! Love it, Denise!