Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Cards

In the past I have gone back and forth about Christmas cards. One year sent, next not, next 2 years sent, next few not. It all depends on my level of stress whether or not I send cards.

But this past summer we had some beautiful family photos taken and I am thinking that 2010 is a "sent" year. I really cannot send prints to "everyone," but as a Christmas card, everyone appreciates seeing the 'whole family' rather than just the girls.

Shutterfly has an awesome new selection of holiday cards (click here). I might think too awesome because I just cannot choose which one to use. I love them all!

There are different types of cards to choose from such as folded cards, flat stationery cards, and flat photo cards (click here). I can do just one family photo or individual shots of each of us, or a combo of different poses - the possibilities are endless!

Shutterfly has a layout to fit every Christmas card need. Want just one photo on your card? 2? more? The layout options are endless and it's very easy to upload your photos and add them to the card layout.

A great gift I have sent in the past is a photo calendar (click here). Each month your family turns the calendar page to see another great family photo! This is a wonderful gift for far-away relatives!

This year, I'll be sending Shutterfly photo Christmas cards, you should too!

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Ziggyeor said...

Hello there! I see you signed up for TUSAL. Can't wait to see your jar but I did see your really cute knitting down at the bottom of the blog. It's lonely and needs some more knitted friends!