Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New stove

We bought a new stove this week. First stove we've ever had to buy. I was a little apprehensive about it because it was a big purchase and I can always find a way to thnk that I'm 'not worthy' of something I really want. We had seen this particular stove on clearance at Lowes a week before. We ooohed and ahhhed over it before looking at others not on sale and then moved on because we didn't NEED a stove.

I've been cooking A LOT since Kathleen's diabetes diagnosis (it's easier to count carbs that way...figures). I made pancakes one morning and although I might admit here (and to no one else!) that it MAY have been operator error, the pancakes burned on the outside and were raw on the inside. It's been very hard to regulate the temperature of the oven, and this gave me reason to believe that now the cooktop was 'acting up' too.

Randy had to go to Lowe's for something else and let's just say, two hours and one frustrating (okay, HIS word would be b*tchy) phone call later, he came home with this:

I love it. It's just so brand new and shiny and clean and MINE! Of course, now I have no excuse not to cook.


Shari said...

Nice stove!
We've never had to buy major appliances other than a washer/dryer. I dream of the day I get to pick my own stove and fridge! lol

Kaesmom said...

Details on the stove please!! We're building a house and I need to pick out new appliances. I'm totally overwhelmed!!