Monday, April 21, 2008

The Pursuit of Happiness....

Spring break is over. WooHoo!!! Although it was a wonderful week weather-wise - blue skies, warm temperatures, beautiful days - it was a bad week boredom-wise. Seriously. If I hear "I'm bored" or "I want someone to play with" ONE MORE TIME I will lose it. The beginning of vacation was fine as both girls were here and kept themselves entertained with Nintendo DS and The Sims and Guitar Hero. It was great to sit here on the couch and knit while listening to them giggle hysterically from the basement. Then. It. Happened. Kathleen went to her father's for the weekend and Shelby slipped into high-maintenance mode. OMG I wanted to put her on the corner with a sign around her neck: "Friends Wanted to Play"

Now, I know I'm risking a "back in my day" story, but I am pretty sure I remember it correctly that when I was a kid I was in charge of finding my own fun. My mom did not spend and hour going through her rolodex of friends who had kids looking for someone to come over and play with me. Granted, there were kids in the 'hood. We just walked outside, followed the sounds of kids playing and joined in. I also feel that this was a good thing because I can now fill a day with activites I enjoy (not housework lol) and never feel bored. Ever.

I truly don't feel like a bad mom telling my kids to just go find something to do. Why do parents these days feel they have to schedule their kids' lives to mimic a corporate takeover? 9AM breakfast; 930 read books; 11AM board games; 1145 lunch; 1PM get the idea.

As a mother I am responsible for many things in my kids' lives: shelter, food, clothing, safety, health, etc. Some days this is easy, some days just those things present their own challenges. I can add 'happiness' to that list in the general sense, but not in the sense that I have to manage every waking moment of their lives.

There. I said it. Now go out and play.

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